Aspartame, a Cocoa wannabe C++ library. Not ready for release yet. By Joachim Bengtsson and David Sveningsson.

A far from finished version of the library can be downloaded together with the jifaults sources.

Example code:
  AutoreleasePool *pool = alloc(AutoreleasePool)->init();
  Dictionary *foo = dict(s("Hej"), s("Foo"), 
                         s("Nisse"), num(3),
  ConPrint("%@", foo);
<Dictionary(2) at 0x300710> {
          Hej: Foo
          Nisse: 3.000000

dict is short for Dictionary::dictionaryWithKeysAndObjects(), num is short for Number::numberWithReal(), s is short for UString::stringWithCString(), sf is short for UString::stringWithFormatString().

Apart from the common Cocoa classes like Object, String, Dictionary, Array, AutoreleasePool and Number, it features optional bindings with Python, thread and mutex abstractions, a pretty neat memory pool, a task scheduler (like NSOperationQueue in Leopard), JSON support and the most over-engineered logging facility in the history of mankind.