Gb Se

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Started March 2006, ended June 2006 Robot

Core, Network and Game Logic lead developer; Mac platform maintainer; and Configuration Manager
School project at BTH
I was a part of Team Heptico

Robot was the first relatively realistically sized game project of the Game Programming programme at BTH. Our group was comprised of one project lead, three graphical artists, three game designers and five programmers.

During ten hectic weeks in 2006 (working 50% officially, 110% in practice), we spent literally day and night realizing how much more difficult it is to implement a game of any considerate complexity. Robot was built on top of the OGRE game engine.

I took on much too much responsibility, implementing a retain count-based class hierarchy of utility and base classes for the project, with tight Ruby scripting integration, serialization using RakNet, YAML, platform abstraction and an event manager; a network and game logic layer on top of that, relying on Ruby and RakNet; and configuration management (svn, trac, build env).

In the end, when the project was over, we had about half of what we had planned for the game.