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Rymdvarelser Mot Soldater

Started October 2006, ended May 2007 Rymdvarelser Mot Soldater

Project Manager; Sound sole developer; Core co-developer
School project at BTH
I was part of the Friendly Stapler team.

RMS was the last big project during Game Programming, spanning 30 weeks (at 50% officially, more like 100% in practice). This project was set apart from Robot in that we were eight programmers, no game designers, and one artist; and because we decided to implement almost all of the engine on our own, with almost no middleware except hardware interfaces.

David Sveningsson inherited my core and game logic code from Robot, which he heavily modified and I helped evolve. My main responsibility was the sound engine, which I integrated with my candidate thesis ("Real-time Acoustics Modeling in Games"). However, since I spent too much time learning the basics of audio programming and implementing a sound engine for just direct sound propagation, acoustic modeling was put on hold. I also managed the project, which included planning and scheduling, task delegation, and writing many, many reports.