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over 10 years ago Soundflower 1.3.1 by Quentin D. Carnicelli

So, Rogue Amoeba bundled my Soundflower 1.3 with their apps. And after that, they realized that I had broken PPC support. QDC of RA fixed it up, and 1.3.1 is bundled with all Rogue Amoeba apps. However, I haven't had the time to put an official installer online until now for it, but now it's up.

My sincere apologies to everyone who has been bitten by this bug, and especially to Neil Clayton who toiled hard to fixed the bug on his own, even after QDC had fixed it, because I hadn't updated this site with the bug-fixed version.

over 10 years ago My Soundflower patch becomes official Soundflower 1.3

Rogue Amoeba talked with Cycling '74 about either saying that my patch is the official 1.3, or branching, or whatever, at least agreeing about something. And they agreed to make my version the official 1.3. Yay! So now all Rogue Amoeba products will be shipping with my 1.3 :)

over 10 years ago Soundflower with volume controls

I spent a day or two procrastinating, writing a patch for Soundflower I’ve wanted to write for years. Adds volume, gain, balance and mute support to all Soundflower virtual sound devices.

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