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over 9 years ago SoundApp gets usable

I created SoundApp Reborn almost two years ago, and I've gotten fantastic responses from the community from old SoundApp fans since then. I've been negligent of the project for a long while though, but I'm trying to make up for it with a tiny tiny update today. SA Reborn 0.1.1 fixes two problems that made the app nigh unusable: The ability to add folders of items, and using the play/pause/next/prev keys when the playlist has focus.

over 11 years ago Site is up!

I spent the weekend cobbling together some not-too-awful XHTML in order to have a site for my newest creation, SoundApp Reborn. I'm mainly a programmer, but I wanted to try it out (okay, mostly because I'm just jealous at Jan's site ;) ). I'll be working on making this more palatable when I get another "free" weekend, but this will do for now. Meanwhile, check out SoundApp!

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