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over 9 years ago Overload 0.3 now in the AppStore

Overload v0.3 is now available from the iTunes App Store. I've been working hard on Overload's performance, and it's now way faster!

New in 0.3:

Major and gameplay changes

  • New, beautiful high resolution icons by Rodger Bridges!
  • The game is now faster (the rendering engine was rewritten with OpenGL)
  • Variable board size - play on everything from a 2x2 to a 10x12 board.
  • The AI was upgraded in 0.2.1, but this wasn't mentioned in the change log.
  • Squares that are about to explode vibrate

Minor changes

  • If the game is over, and the board size is changed, the game is restarted
  • Shuffle now also restarts the game (so you can choose whether to play against AI)
  • The tile under the finger is highlighted

Known issues

  • The biggest performance bottleneck right now is the sound engine. It'll be rewritten for a future release, but for a smoother experience right away, turn sound off in the settings.