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over 4 years ago Lookback is teh new hotness!

I don't normally use this site for personal news, but since my latest endeavor is a product as newsworthy as cfxr or anything else I thought I'd mention it:

Three months ago me and two of my friends founded Lookback! Lookback is a UX and QA testing tool that records the screen and camera at very high fidelity of your iPhone or iPad app.

It's an SDK you add to your app, and together with two lines of code you're good to start recording. After a recording finishes, it's automatically uploaded to, where you can then study it in detail.

It's great for recording visual bug reports, doing usability studies, making marketing videos, and more. Check lookback out!

over 8 years ago cfxr 0.2.0

It seems I update cfxr every time I actually use the app. Cfxr is really annoying without copy-paste, so I added it. It's a bit buggy (order is incorrect when you paste, but just double-press the first column to fix sorting), but at least it's is approaching usable.

over 8 years ago Cfxr 0.1.5, Spot 0.3.3

I've added looping to Cfxr, which pushes it to version 0.1.5.

I realized Spot the iPhone Spotify client didn't have a link from my site, so I added it under "Media".

over 9 years ago Overload 0.3 now in the AppStore

Overload v0.3 is now available from the iTunes App Store. I've been working hard on Overload's performance, and it's now way faster!

New in 0.3:

Major and gameplay changes

  • New, beautiful high resolution icons by Rodger Bridges!
  • The game is now faster (the rendering engine was rewritten with OpenGL)
  • Variable board size - play on everything from a 2x2 to a 10x12 board.
  • The AI was upgraded in 0.2.1, but this wasn't mentioned in the change log.
  • Squares that are about to explode vibrate

Minor changes

  • If the game is over, and the board size is changed, the game is restarted
  • Shuffle now also restarts the game (so you can choose whether to play against AI)
  • The tile under the finger is highlighted

Known issues

  • The biggest performance bottleneck right now is the sound engine. It'll be rewritten for a future release, but for a smoother experience right away, turn sound off in the settings.

over 9 years ago SoundApp gets usable

I created SoundApp Reborn almost two years ago, and I've gotten fantastic responses from the community from old SoundApp fans since then. I've been negligent of the project for a long while though, but I'm trying to make up for it with a tiny tiny update today. SA Reborn 0.1.1 fixes two problems that made the app nigh unusable: The ability to add folders of items, and using the play/pause/next/prev keys when the playlist has focus.

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