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Soundflower Source, Volumes control patch.

by Joachim Bengtsson <>
Updated 2008-02-28 and released on as version 1.3.1.

This version of Soundflower has been modified to allow the use of the volume, balance, mute and gain controls. Note that I'm not the original author or maintainer of Soundflower! Soundflower is a Cycling '74 product.

This version is not current!

My version 1.3.1 of Soundflower is not current, and has a few bugs, most notably with Ableton Live. For the most recent version of Soundflower, please see Tim Place's project page at Google Code. As of this writing (2009-09-03), the latest version is 1.5.1.

About This Patch

This version has not been extensively tested. It works on my system. It might crash on yours. Use with care! If you crash, when the system starts again, you'll get a chance to report the crash; I'd love it if you could click that button, copy the crash report, and mail it to me, and I'll try to reproduce the error and fix it up. Be sure to note your system version.

I'm new at audio programming. I'm not sure if the sound volume is adjusted like it should. I'm just lowering the samples' volume linearly. If you know I should use a particular algorithm, I'd love to know.

I couldn't add 10.2.8 support because that isn't included with the developer tools anymore. The system requirements for this build is thus 10.3.9.


Just use the installer in the "Installer" folder. It's the box icon, not the document-with-a-box-on-it icons.

Planned features

... if I ever get around to them:

  • Sending volume change requests as NSDistributedNotifications, so that the application using Soundflower could do something useful with them (e g Airfoil using them to set the volume on the remote host, instead of the local host)

Version history

1.3.1 (2008-02-28) 1.3 was bundled with Rogue Amoeba's products. Thus, all my mistakes were revealed... This patch is by Quentin D. Carnicelli of Rogue Amoeba, wherein he fixes multiple bugs that made Soundflower 1.3 unusable on most PPC machines, and probably some Intel machines. (The bugs were: float operations aren't allowed in kernel and has to be compiled as separate static library, which I had forgotten; and channel muting wasn't properly implemented). Thanks, Quentin! My apologies to Neil Clayton for being so slow with the release.
1.3 (2008-01-09) First release with volume controls (joachimb)