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SoundApp. Reborn.


If you're an old-timer on the Mac, you might remember Norman Franke's excellent SoundApp for the old Mac OS 7-9. It played sound, plain and simple. No fuss.

SoundApp Reborn is a remake of SoundApp for Mac OS X. However, it is still missing many, many features.

It's probably pretty much self-explanatory:


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Now, this is just the first version, version 0.1 at that. There's no conversion, and some features are missing. It should do all the basic stuff you'd expect, though. Try it out! Contact me if you find something buggy or just feel you have something you want to say about it.

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Version history

v0.1.1 (2009 01 18):

  • Now left/right/space keys work even if focus is on playlist.
  • Folders can be dropped onto the playlist to add their contents (FINALLY)

v0.1.0 (2007 02 18): Initial release.