Gb Se


Pull stars from Mario Galaxy is just way too much fun, don't you think? So do I. So I set out to make a game based on that very concept.

The game is just in prototype stage so far. Concept-1

Development videos

I'm trying a little experiment here. Every time I code on Pullsar, I'll record it. This way, newbies to CoreAnimation (which probably includes everyone except the guys at Apple, considering how new it is) can see how things can be done. Also, the first video is a cool testament to how a simple game prototype can be written in Core Animation in a single hour. I'll try to make cut videos available as well, as there's lots of girlfriend-interrupting and people-writing-on-msn, and stuff like that throughout.

Later: Okay, recording *everything* is a bit overkill, I just get too nervous being under camera, and also programming is a slow and tedious process (at least to watch!). I might pop up some new videos later on, though.