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Overload is an abstract turn-based two-player strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The goal of the game is to conquer the game board and cover it with your color. To achieve this, you charge neutral tiles and tiles in your color by tapping on them.

Once a tile is fully charged (or actually overloaded!) it will explode, leaking its energy onto the ajacent tiles (and thus conquering these tiles even if they belonged to the enemy!). Watch mighty chain reactions as you set of an explosion across the entire game board.

Overload was originally a game by David Graham for the Palm. I have since tried to port it to the Mac several times, but coding for the iPhone is so much more fun :)

If you are interested in beta testing the game before it's released to the App Store, download Erica Sadun's Ad Hoc Helper to your iPhone or iPod Touch, and mail me your Device ID together with some information about yourself and why you'd like to beta test.


Screen shots



v0.1 Release Candidate

v0.1 Beta 2

Change log

0.3 (2009 03 04)

Major and gameplay changes

  • New, beautiful high resolution icons by Rodger Bridges!
  • The game is now faster (the rendering engine was rewritten with OpenGL)
  • Variable board size - play on everything from a 2x2 to a 10x12 board.
  • The AI was upgraded in 0.2.1, but this wasn't mentioned in the change log.
  • Squares that are about to explode vibrate

Minor changes

  • If the game is over, and the board size is changed, the game is restarted
  • Shuffle now also restarts the game (so you can choose whether to play against AI)
  • The tile under the finger is highlighted

Known issues

  • The biggest performance bottleneck right now is the sound engine. It'll be rewritten for a future release, but for a smoother experience right away, turn sound off in the settings.

0.2.1 (2009 01 23)

Added an alert that will ask you if it's okay to collect usage statistics with Pinch Analytics, together with detailed information about what and how information is collected. This information is also available online at

Note that this alert will be shown on your second run of the game, as to not disturb the first run experience. The first run does not collect any information.

Thanks to off_center for raising this issue.

0.2 (2009 01 15)

Note that this new version requires iPhone OS 2.2.

  • Play against your iPhone! When you start a new game, tap the green bar to wake your iPhone's inner Overload master.
  • New game board! No more figuring out which shade of red your tile is - icons will show you which charge level each tile is at.
  • Overload now collects usage statistics with Pinch Analytics. This information collection is anonymous.
  • New sound engine will hopefully sound better.
  • Fixed a bug where new game/shuffle game sometimes wouldn't take

0.1 (2008 08 23)

Initial release.