Gb Se

Please note! The below is out of date, please see this PDF for my latest résumé.




Söderportgymnasiet, Kristianstad:
  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

IB DP is an international secondary education/university preparatory programme. I chose to study economy, chemistry and physics, in addition to the compulsory languages and math. I excelled (7 pts) in physics and English.


Blekinge Institute of Technology: Game Programming

Game programming at BIT is a software engineering education with emphasis on performance and 3D visualization. In addition to the programme courses, I have studied AI and mobile communication.

I considered myself a programmer long before I began my studies at BIT. However, with all that I've learned at BIT, that notion almost seems silly. I've gone from toys in VisualBASIC to template hacking in C++ and excursions in a dozen different languages. Even as a kid, I was interested in networking and network programming. I've continued along that path, but also developed an interest in game engine cores, scripting integration, and lately also sound programming.

My candidate thesis is called 'Real-time acoustics modeling in games'. I hope to get my Bachelor's degree by January 2008.


. . . .

Macdata AB

I've worked at and for Macdata to and from over the years. I did my first work practice as a service technician there in '98, which was repeated as a summer job for a few years. Recently, I built their online store.

. . . .

AB Spelguiden

I have done a number of smaller consultant jobs, mostly web sites and such. However, my biggest client has always been Spelguiden, a provider of horse betting odds and gaming/gambling advice. My first project for them was a relatively simple 'thin client' displaying PDFs off of a central server, but the project has grown over the years and now includes a relatively large network of touch screens throughout the country, the administrative tools for the all content, an online store, SMS tips and more. Spelguiden have always been very pleased with the system and its development, even though I'm the lone programmer and designer for it.


For a complete list of my consultant jobs and other projects, see my portfolio. For a list of what I actually know within the field of computing and programming, see 'skills'.

Worth mentioning is that LuaPlayer became something of a phenomenon. I was invited to hold a presentation during EuroOSCON 2005 in Amsterdam.